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Our History

Until September 2010, the Regional Social Development Centre was known as the Mackay Regional Council for Social Development, or MRCSD.   A snapshot of the organisation’s history in this region includes:


• MRCSD was formed in 1974 under the Australian Assistance Plan
• MRCSD was designed to allow regional areas in Australia to assess and resource their own social needs.
• Individuals and organisations came together from across the region to raise their issues and work with MRCSD staff to develop strategies to address them
• These individuals and organisations from across the region also determined the future focus and activity of MRCSD
• Funding ceased after an initial 3 year period due to change of (Whitlam) govt
• Evaluation conducted and MRCSD found to be a valuable resource, but funding did not continue
• The organisation continued to function with the assistance of committed local people working on a voluntary basis


• Some funding was received in 1990 from the Qld government
•  Since that time, the organisation has continued to operate with grants from both state and federal governments funding specific programs and projects.


• Community Development Worker program implemented, with recurrent funding from Dept of Communities
• Also managed Community Housing and Migrant Settlement Programs


• Commenced Welcome Centre project, Volunteer Hub and Creative Generators Regional Arts project
• Commenced offering training workshops
• Changed organisation’s name to Regional Social Development Centre


Work undertaken throughout the history of the Regional Social Development Centre includes:

- Establishing an Emergency Respite Service
- Fostering the development of Australia’s first Australian South Sea Islander community association.
- Informing government through public forums and submissions of policy gaps and the impact of such on local communities (e.g. increased insurance requirements for community based organisations, closure of Taxi Transit service in Mackay, participation in development of Whitsunday, Hinterland and Mackay regional plan).
- Working with individuals and groups to establish Disability Enhancement Fund.
- Auspicing many groups and organisations, some of which have progressed to becoming their own incorporated associations (e.g. George St Neighbourhood Centre programs).
- Community Builders project in Pioneer Valley, which supported two individual to become councillors, then mayors, of the former Sarina and Mirani Shires.

RSDC Partners

Old Town Hall, 63 Sydney Street, Mackay Qld 4740 Tel: (07) 4957 3088     

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