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Our Vision

Core Values, Purpose, Goal and Future Vision

The Regional Social Development Centre (RSDC) affirms that it is passionate about the CORE VALUES of

i. Social justice and inclusion
ii. Promoting respect and diversity
iii. Empowering people to have a voice
iv. Fostering grassroots action
v. Integrity

In pursuit of its CORE PURPOSE of empowering people to make communities better places to live, our GOAL is that the RSDC is recognised as the regional peak body for community and social development issues.

We work towards a FUTURE in which the Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac region has a high standard of social well-being and where residents recognise the RSDC as having played a key role in facilitating their efforts to make the region one of the most liveable and friendly.

This will result from social infrastructure investment projects run by the RSDC and the organisation’s advocacy as a regional peak body (in partnership with state and federal governments, regional councils, industry and community based organisations as well as individuals) that aims to ‘fill the gap’ in needs, improve social capital and empower people in the region.

RSDC Partners

Old Town Hall, 63 Sydney Street, Mackay Qld 4740 Tel: (07) 4957 3088     

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