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RSDC Updates

The RSDC has recently completed consultations across the Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac region for its strategic planning process.  The data gathered forms the basis of the RSDC’s activities for the next five years, and the recommendations made include:

• Raising the RSDC’s profile
• Initiating and maintaining (more) connections across the community
• Positioning the RSDC as a central information hub
• Conducting regional social sector research, advocating for the social sector
• Supporting social sector organisations to work as a more integrated entity
• Addressing issues related to the social impacts of economic growth.

The key regional issues to be priorities for the RSDC’s future work include:

• Housing
• Youth
• Health and medical services
• Building capacity of community services
• Volunteers
• Early intervention and prevention (families and children)
• Transport
• Older people

To read more of the RSDC’s Strategic Plan 2010, click here


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RSDC workshops

• Workshop Schedule

RSDC Projects and Activities

• Volunteer Hub
• Creative Generators Regional Arts Project
• Welcome Centre
• Social Impacts Action Group
• English Classes

RSDC Partners

Old Town Hall, 63 Sydney Street, Mackay Qld 4740 Tel: (07) 4957 3088     

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