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Active Ageing Seniors Needs Assessment Project

The Active Ageing Seniors Needs Assessment is an action research project which will help identify barriers to participation by seniors in community life.  These barriers may include restricted opportunities for physical activity as well as social isolation. Seniors will be supported to conduct the research themselves, as well as participate in identifying and implementing strategies to address barriers.

This project was an initiative between Queensland Health and Department of Communities in conjunction with Mackay City Council, Mirani Shire Council, and Mackay Regional Council for Social Development (MRCSD) to identify need of older people in the Mackay area regarding, falls prevention, participation and social isolation.


The purpose of this project is to establish the needs of seniors in the Mackay and Mirani Shires, with a focus on healthy ageing, participation, social isolation and falls prevention.

This project is also designed to utilise the valued knowledge of seniors within the community with an aim to develop the skills of a core group so they can participate in achieving positive and practical outcomes.


The Active Ageing project utilised an action research process which involved supporting seniors to participate in the research collection and analyses.

Initially, the project coordinator identified a group of 10 seniors (over 50 years of age) and developed their skills as researchers. These researchers then interviewed other seniors from different geographical locations, cultures and religions. Information gathered related to their access to transport, health and mobility issues, active family support and other community networks.

Once this information was collected, a report was produced and presented to the project’s reference group members and seniors who participated in data gathering as the researchers.  The reports are now available for use by service providers and local government agencies as a resource to inform and validate future planning and funding submissions.

To view a copy of the Active Ageing Seniors Needs Assessment Project, click here.

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