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Community Builders Programme

In 1997, a group was formed to attempt to revitalise some of the rural communities in the region that were suffering.

Indicators of this suffering included residents moving away, closure of services and local businesses shutting down.  This resulted in high unemployment and, in some cases, a rising crime rate.

Key principles
With help from people who had successfully implemented similar projects in other parts of the country (and the world) a set of principles was established to guide the project.

Briefly, the main guiding principle was that decision-making should take place from the ground up and that the project should be a collaborative effort.
In the light of these principles, the following aims and objectives for the program were developed:


The purpose of this programme was to:

• To build strong and viable local communities in rural areas.
• To develop the leadership skills of people in rural communities.


The objectives of this programme was to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants so they could:

• Scan their communities for economic development potential
• Initiate projects that will enhance the economic capacity of their community
• Form collaborative networks with other communities
• Develop structures at local, sub-regional and regional levels
• Access the resources needed (information, people, funding and other materials) for the development of their community.

The Finch Hatton Railway Station is one of the success stories from the Community Builders programme. It is now a valuable asset in the Finch Hatton community.
A report detailing the Community Builders model, the process and the outcomes of this project, is available by clicking here (PDF, 524Kb).

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