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Community Mentoring Alliance Project

This project was an initiative of the RSDC and involved the development, trial, documentation and evaluation of an intentional mentoring / support model.  The aim of the project was to enhance the governance capacities of community based organisations.

The project was targeted at not-for-profit community managed organisations and private industry within the Dysart, Moranbah, Nebo and Sarina communities.  It sought to form alliances within and between community services and the private sector in this region.

Project Initiation

The BMA Community Mentoring Alliance project was based on a need identified in a research project (entitled ‘Collaborative Community Management Models’), conducted in partnership by Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) and the RSDC (then known as MRCSD).

A key recommendation of this research project was:

“That an organisation should be resourced and supported to develop ‘an intentional mentoring support model in the Mackay region’, based on the demonstrated need of the participants in the project.”

To pursue this recommendation, the RSDC made a successful funding application through the BMA Community Partnerships program in February 2004.  BMA Mining have a strong presence in the Isaac region, and demonstrated a willingness to support the governance of community based organisations.  This project was then designed to be conducted over three stages.

Project Stages

In Stage 1, the RSDC formed alliances with a range of organisations in the Isaac region.  They also established a working party, which developed a mentoring model appropriate to this region's unique needs.

In Stage 2 the intentional mentoring model was trialled with 5 case study groups across the region.

In Stage 3 the project, including the case study trials, was evaluated and documented in a report presented in August 2007.

To view the Mentoring Manual developed and used in this project, click here.

RSDC Partners

Old Town Hall, 63 Sydney Street, Mackay Qld 4740 Tel: (07) 4957 3088     

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