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Home-based Care of Older Australians in Rural Communities

In 1999, the RSDC identified from anecdotal evidence that the new government policy to encourage elderly people to stay at home as long as possible was not working well due to a lack of resources.

MRCSD authorised a task group to plan and implement a project which sought to address the expressed concern of limited resources available to rural elderly people who chose to remain in their own homes, and also to provide them, their families, carers and service providers with an opportunity to raise other issues impacting on their home-based care.

The results

A report was compiled identifying a number of issues requiring attention, which included:

• Carer payment
• Transport
• Access to information about services
• Jobs in the home
• Provision of services
• Access to medical aids
• Meals
• Effects of isolation
• Cumulative cost to pensioners
• Mobile blood test services
• Access to doctors’ services

The recommendations from the report provided the basis for developing new policies.

Download the report detailing the Home-based Care investigation, including the process and the outcomes of this project, by clicking here (PDF, 121Kb).

RSDC Partners

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